Welcome to my site

I am a down to earth artist who can also go with the flow. A man who likes to travel and meet new people. Each work I make is an experiment. Sometimes lead by a theme, sometimes not. Not stopped by prejudices. Always open for new impulses and experiments.

I like to travel and look around. The images I make on canvas, paper or three dimensional. The kind of material is very important for me. It could be enough to take a photo to make an image. But that’s not the challenge for me. Working with the material and the value of paint or steel are problems which have to be solved.

I make portraits because I’m interested in people; their interests, narsism and their obsession for their bodies. I’m not making art to please other people,I just want to surprise myself. But when people enjoy my work I’m happy.

All of the works shown on this site are for sale if not sold. Please leave a message.